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Welcome to UKIP Grantham and Stamford. The home of ordinary local people who feel unrepresented by LibLabCon parties. We always welcome similar people who wish to make a big difference to the political makeup across the Grantham and Stamford Constituency.

Marietta King

Marietta has been selected as the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Grantham and Stamford. We have selected a fantastic candidate in Marietta,

For more information about Matietta see her website. CLICK HERE

Latest news

Marietta has been in Stamford meeting the local people.

Meanwhile, reminder why Marietta is much needed in our part of the world...
Nick Boles, the Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford made quite an impression as Planning Minister. The chairman of the National Trust referred to him as "the best advert for UKIP" (click images to go to links)


Let's allow more development in our national parks

Daily Mail

How could a Tory Minister look at a view like this - and want to build all over it?

Elderly to blame  
Elderly to blame for housing crisis  

Watch the UKIP election video (2013)

Local issues

Grantham Road Network - East West bypass

Yes, the town needs a bypass. We have needed one for over twenty years. But will adding 20,000 more residents reduce congestion? Or will it simple solve one problem and create another?

Why is the cost for the bypass being met only by those who purchase new homes? Lincolnshire County Council say ALL the funding is coming from the development of the Southern Quadrant. Are "affordable home" buyers paying a premium for the bypass?



We have some great schools here in the Grantham and Stamford area. In these days of spiralling costs and tuition fees, many young people now feel that a university education is beyond their reach. UKIP believes that all children should be given the best chance to succeed in life.



We are being forced to build thousands of homes across the region. As our population increases (by 500,000 in 2013!!) we are told we must concrete over our green fields to provide homes. Are these quality homes? Good sized family homes with parkland, space and a quality to improve our wonderful rural areas?



Join Us

If you believe in the values of UKIP and wish to join us in changing the political landscape here in Lincolnshire then you will be very welcome.

Who knows you may become a local councillor or even an MP!!
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Some facts about the EU

EU Facts In 2008 the EU spent £2.4 Billion! on advertising.
The EU has 44 diplomats in Barbados!
FInd out how the EU spends our money....
Click here to download the Freedom Association fact sheet about the EU


The United States of Europe: Not a myth

For years the governments of the UK have denied that the aim of the EU is the destruction of nations and the creation of a "United States of Europe". On October 30th 2013, Viviane Reding, EU commissioner and Vice President of the EU posted the following on Twitter...

United States of Europe

We have now had the President of the EU and now a Vice President of EU openly state the destruction of nation states is their ultimate aim.

My Britain...

Decent schools for our kids and jobs for them when they grow up.

A world-class education for all our children, regardless of their background and ability to pay.

A country with a National Health Service of which we can be proud.

A country where young people can afford to go to university and own their own homes when they grow up.

A country that values the contribution made by our armed forces and cares for them when they are no longer able to serve.

A country which looks after our elderly people who have worked hard and paid taxes all of their lives.

Save the Pub!


1 - Unitary Authority

The scrapping of the District Council level of government to form Unitary authorities is financially beneficial to Lincolnshire. We would work hard to ensure such a transition still maintained close communication with local people by learning from other areas.

2 - Staggered School Holidays / Alternate systems

Just like our friends in France and Germany we should look to stagger some of our school holidays to ensure that all families can afford a holiday without paying "high season" prices. This will not only give our children exciting holidays and allow their parents to save money, but it will also assist the tourist industry in Britain.


Got a large housing development on your doorstep? Wind turbines being built that nobody wants. UKIP wants local referenda which are binding. If the people don't want it they won't have it. Full stop.

4 - Slash Waste, Increase Transparency

Increase efficiency at the council by slashing waste, improving efficiency and ensuring the employees work hard for your money.
We also must ensure that our councils are transparent in everything they do and fully accountable to the public.

5 - cut management and pay to top executives

It is time to review rates of pay for local government officials.

The Telegraph newspaper reports that in 2010/11 the salary of the Chief Executive of Lincolnshire County Council was : £207,113. In 2009/10 it was £206,059.

That is £413,172 in two years!!